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Construction Colouring Services

Colourmix Arctic
Colourmix Atlantic
Colourmix Black Velvet
Colourmix Bluestone
Colourmix Bronze
Colourmix Cappuccino
Colourmix Cargo
Colourmix Charcoal
Colourmix Colonial Red
Colourmix Desert Red
Colourmix Flint
Colourmix Fremantle
Colourmix Jet Black
Colourmix Limestone
Colourmix Marl
Colourmix Monsoon
Colourmix Peppercorn
Colourmix Platinum
Colourmix Pumpkin
Colourmix Sandstone
Colourmix Silver
Colourmix Soapstone
Colourmix Spice
Colourmix Suede
Colourmix Terracotta
Colourmix Thistle
Colourmix Turmeric
Colourmix Vesuvius

Colour it with Colourmix

Cathay Industries is your leading choice for construction colouring services. We are well-known for our Colourmix range, a series of oxides for colouring concrete and achieving decorative and functional results. Colourmix is used everywhere; from driveways and footpaths to all kinds of paving, landscaping and construction work.

At the heart of Cathay Industries is our desire to fulfil all your colour requirements. Contact us to find out more about our construction colouring solutions.

We manufacture Colourmix with our own oxide pigments and supply it through several distributors and licensed resellers Australia-wide. If you’re a homeowner, designer or architect, then contact us for product information, samples and custom solutions. We offer specific colour development and colour matching services across all standard construction materials, including shotcrete, stencilcrete, premixes, concrete masonry and more.

We manufacture Colourmix with our own oxide pigments and supply it through a number of distributors and licensed resellers Australia-wide, but homeowners, designers, architects and specifiers are encouraged to contact us at any time for product information, samples and custom solutions. We can offer specific colour development and laboratory colour-matching services across all standard building materials, and all forms of cement, including shotcrete, stencilcrete, premixes, concrete masonry and more.

The practical Colourmix range

Colourmix is known for its ease of use, cost-effectiveness and exceptional coloured concrete results. It also offers several other benefits allowing you to achieve better results:

  • UV and alkali stable, weather resistant and insoluble in water.
  • Lightweight ergonomic packaging, reducing handling requirements and eliminating dust exposure.
  • Strictly manufactured under ISO 9001 Quality System Certification for reliable colour and consistently high quality results.
  • Packaged with Cathay’s cold-water soluble Aquasac bags, a universal dose-sized packaging system for easy and accurate mixing.
  • Proven suitability for the Australia’s high UV levels, temperature range and diverse weather conditions.
  • Compatible with all common concrete admixtures, additives and sealers.

We pride ourselves on having excellent customer service and complete, in-depth knowledge of material colours, construction oxides and pigments for all applications.

The Colourmix Range

Standard pigments in the Colourmix range span the most widely-used and functional concrete colours, with excellent coverage of blacks and greys.

All colours are manufactured and blended by Cathay Industries allowing us to apply the strictest quality control at every step. We use only the highest quality raw materials, including iron oxides, titanium dioxide and more exotic chrome and cobalt oxides for vibrant greens and blues, respectively.

Browse our range of colours, specifically designed for the Australian market.


Contact Cathay Industries for all Colourmix enquiries.

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