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Due to its pure hue, consistent properties and tinting strength, iron oxide pigments play an important role in coatings, ceramics, paint, plastic and rubber. If you’re a supplier of any of these materials and you’re looking for a reliable iron oxide pigment manufacturer, contact Cathay Industries.

We’re a global chemical supplier and distributor of additives, raw materials and chemicals for a diverse range of industries. Our advanced manufacturing and laboratory facilities have earned us a reputation as a reliable and effective raw material supplier for any industry.

Our products are high in quality, produce reliable colour consistency and are durable. We only manufacture with the finest materials. As one of the leading chemical manufacturers, our advanced processes follow the ISO 9001 Quality Certification and ISO 22000 regulations, which incorporate the principles of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP).

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All Cathay products are of uniformly high quality, producing reliable colour consistency, durability and strength. We only manufacture with the finest materials and most advanced processes under ISO 9001 Quality Certification and ISO 22000 incorporating principals of HACCP.

Industries we serve

If you’re a builder, architect, engineer or premix concrete supplier, and you’re looking for vibrant colouring services that contain high-quality synthetic pigment oxides, Cathay is the answer. Find colours for any building material here.

Manufacture your products to a higher standard with Cathay’s range of high-quality Iron Oxide Pigments. Our range of industrial raw materials is suitable for the coatings, ink, plastic, PVC, adhesive and rubber industries. We also supply pigments, additives, resins, colour preparations, stabilisers, antioxidants, UV absorbers, driers, catalysts, plasticisers, and general chemical raw materials. You can always find what you need with Cathay Industries.

The FP&C division supplies a broad range of natural and synthetic colour and additives from leading global manufacturers. We have our own dedicated QA and QC colour testing laboratories providing domestic colour matching and colour development, as well as application solutions to suit a wide range of industry requirements, Read more.

The chemicals group supplies a broad variety of industrial and specialised raw materials from our global partner base. Products used in the manufacture of detergents, rubber, roads, metal coatings, water treatment and mining are all available through our domestic operations.

Our chemical products are supplied in a variety of forms including, powders, solids, flakes, liquids and pastes. We can supply packaging from 1kg through to 25kg bags, and cartons up to bulk bags of 500kg and 1200kg. Liquids can also be supplied in bulk.


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    Industry services

    We offer a range of outstanding services across all aspects of the manufacturing and supply chains. These include:

    Logistical services and assistance include procurement, shipping, warehousing and distribution across all stages of the supply chain. We also provide financing options for all our products. Now you can focus on meeting expectations instead of worrying about how you’ll be able to afford high-quality products.

    As a chemical specialist, we will provide you with expert knowledge and advice. Use our consulting services to find the required products, solutions, and efficient ways of producing and distributing your goods to the highest standards. We provide this service across all industries.

    Our colour manufacturers have the facilities to create highly functional combinations with made-to-specification properties and colours. This includes food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic blends, and manufacturing necessities for any industry.

    Certain products may be incompatible with certain packaging solutions due to reactivity, fragility or instability, particularly in pharmaceutical, food and chemical areas. We can provide custom packaging colours, printing and practical functions.

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