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    CATHAY INDUSTRIES introduces new yellow iron oxides at ECS 2017

    Industrial | 11-Apr-2017

    Cathay Industries | New yellow iron oxides

    Nuremberg, 7 April 2017.

    New CATHAYCOAT ™  pigments were the highlight at CATHAY INDUSTRIES’ stand at the European Coatings Show (ECS) 2017 in Nuremberg:

    The manufacturer of synthetic iron oxide pigments presented its Yellows YA22HR and YS23HR offering increased heat resistance.

    Numerous visitors took the opportunity to keep themselves informed about these innovations and CATHAY’s other latest developments.  “This year’s European Coatings Show has exceeded our expectations.  We are very pleased with the positive feedback we received from both, existing and potential customers”, summarizes Axel Schneider, CEO CATHAY INDUSTRIES Europe. He continues: “Our proven products as well as our innovations generated great interest.” Pigments with elevated heat stability as latest developments the company introduced its iron oxide yellow pigments with elevated heat stability. CATHAYCOAT ™ Yellow YA22HR and CATHAYCOAT ™ Yellow YS23HR withstand temperatures well over 200 °C. compared to traditionally used zinc ferrites, CATHAY’s new products are characterized by clean and bright colour shades. thanks to its micronized characteristic, CATHAYCOAT ™  Yellow YA22HR offers even higher levels of brilliance and optimal dispersibility in the users’ systems. The pigments are mainly utilized in coil and powder coatings as well as in a variety of plastics applications.

    Range of natural iron oxides
    ECS visitors had the opportunity to learn about products from Hoover Color. For the first time, CATHAY’s new division was exhibiting alongside its new parent company. The presentation included semi-transparent Raw and Burnt Umbers as well as transparent EnvironOxides® as products for a “green” approach.


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