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    Masonry, Decorative Contrete, Asphalt and Rooftile Iron Oxide Pigments and Additives


    Cathay Industries is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of iron oxide pigments for use in the construction industry, as well as a wide range of asphalt and concrete additives, cement admixtures and more.

    The Cathay construction colouring range includes several types of pigment oxides, each of which has a wide range of standard colours and functionalities. Contact us for more information, samples, laboratory colour matching and custom colour solutions.


    One of Australasia’s most widely used concrete colouring systems, well known for its reliability and consistently exceptional results. Get more information on Colourmix concrete colouring and browse our range of colours specifically designed for the Australasian market


    An exceptionally versatile range of construction grade powder iron oxide, chrome green oxide cobalt and titanium dioxide pigments that can add vibrant colours to products like concrete, roof tiles, soft fall rubber, bricks, blocks, pavers and asphalt. Ferrotint pigments are available as powder oxide


    • Light fast, UV stable and weather resistant
    • Uniform and colour stable
    • Alkali resistant
    • Non-hazardous
    • Chemically inert
    • Water insoluble
    • Synthetic and inorganic


    A range of construction grade pigment granules, highly regarded for their ease of dispersion during the end user mixing process and outstanding levels of colour development. CATHAYGRAN™ oxides have been developed for metered use in automated dosing systems that utilise gravity, mechanical and pneumatic conveyance methods.

    With FERROTINT™ powders as their key ingredient, Spray Dried CathayGran pigment granules offer the same advantages as the FERROTINT™ range and have the same quality, consistency and strength that characterise all of Cathay’s Iron Oxide Pigment.


    An asphalt masterbatch that utilises inorganic Ferrotint metal oxides within a unique carrier system for exceptional ease of use and consistent asphalt colouring, along with a range of other advantages.

    • Completely dust free and clean to handle
    • Water resistant for outdoor storage
    • Uniform granule size and bulk density for easy use in automatic dosing systems
    • Reduced viscosity for bitumen flow improvement
    • Increased resistance to deformation and rutting
    • None of the delaminating problems associated with high polymer content masterbatches

    CathayPellet offers a range of occupational comfort, health, safety and environmental benefits as well as functional advantages for better asphalting results.

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    Contact Cathay Industries for product information on cement and concrete additives and admixtures, material samples, custom solutions and a range of colour mixing, laboratory colour matching and delivery services.

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