CATHAY INDUSTRIES introduce CATHAYRED™a new range of high performance Red Iron Oxide Pigments.


Hong Kong  15th September, 2017

CATHAY INDUSTRIES introduce CATHAYRED™a new range of high performance Red Iron Oxide Pigments.

Leading global iron oxide pigment manufacturer CATHAY INDUSTRIES introduces CATHAYRED™ a renewed and extended range of precipitated Red Iron Oxide Pigments specifically designed for the paint and coating industries.

Continuous refinement and enhancement of CATHAY’s proprietary wet precipitation process has led to a new range of red iron oxides CATHAYRED™ that can effectively match the previously unattainable color space of Copperas Reds produced by thermal decomposition of ferrous sulphate.

CATHAYRED™ encompasses a wide range of high performance precipitated reds with a unique Hue and Chroma from salmon to dark red and blue shades featuring outstanding color and physical properties which are easy to wet, with high dispersibility, are chemically stable and can be used in a wide range of applications, including paint and coatings, rubber and plastic products, textile finishes, building materials and ceramics.

CATHAYRED™ range underpins CATHAY INDUSTRIES commitment to the industry as its proprietary and eco-friendly technology provides the long-term sustainability in quality, and supply the market has been seeking

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Cathay Industries introduces Synthopol Liopur PKS 2845 – Polyurethane Dispersion

Synthopol | The Resin Company

Cathay Industries Logo

 Cathay Industries and Synthopol continue to provide technically advanced and competitive solutions for Australian industry.

Liopur PKS 2845. Is an aliphatic, nearly solvent-free, anionic stabilized polyurethane dispersion based on a polyether. It is used as a binder for a cold laminating, elastic adhesive (PSA) with good light stabilisation and plasticizer barrier effect.

  • Cold laminating
  • No alkyl phenol ethoxylates (APEO’s) or triethylamines (TEA)
  • Plasticizer resistant
  • Good light and UV stabilization
  • High elasticity
  • Good adhesion on wood, PVC, ABS, polycarbonate, aluminum, stainless steel and rubber
  • Can be combined with various acrylic dispersions or vinyl acetate dispersions

Learn more about “Liopur PKS 2845” click here Synthopol_Product NEWS_LIOPUR PKS 2845_GB

To learn more about Synthopol and industry solutions please contact your Cathay Territory Manager or our Business Manager, Mr Mike Kelly.






Synthopol Product News – Acrylic Dispersion

Synthopol | The Resin Company

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Cathay Industries and Synthopol continue to provide technically advanced and competitive solutions for Australian industry.

Liocryl XAM 6979 is a self-crosslinking acrylic dispersion for coatings with early blocking resistance and high elasticity.

  • self-crosslinking
  • no alkyl phenol Ethoxylates (APEO’s)
  • early blocking resistance
  • small particle size
  • fast drying
  • high elasticity
  • good adhesion on wood, PVC, ABS, polycarbonate
  • low water absorption

Learn more about “Liocryl XAM 6979” click here- Synthopol_Product NEWS_LIOCRYL XAM 6979_GB

To learn more about “Synthopol” and industry solutions please contact your Cathay Territory Manager.

CATHAY INDUSTRIES introduces new yellow iron oxides at ECS 2017

Cathay Industries | New yellow iron oxides

Nuremberg, 7 April 2017.

New CATHAYCOAT ™  pigments were the highlight at CATHAY INDUSTRIES’ stand at the European Coatings Show (ECS) 2017 in Nuremberg:

The manufacturer of synthetic iron oxide pigments presented its Yellows YA22HR and YS23HR offering increased heat resistance.

Numerous visitors took the opportunity to keep themselves informed about these innovations and CATHAY’s other latest developments.  “This year’s European Coatings Show has exceeded our expectations.  We are very pleased with the positive feedback we received from both, existing and potential customers”, summarizes Axel Schneider, CEO CATHAY INDUSTRIES Europe. He continues: “Our proven products as well as our innovations generated great interest.” Pigments with elevated heat stability as latest developments the company introduced its iron oxide yellow pigments with elevated heat stability. CATHAYCOAT ™ Yellow YA22HR and CATHAYCOAT ™ Yellow YS23HR withstand temperatures well over 200 °C. compared to traditionally used zinc ferrites, CATHAY’s new products are characterized by clean and bright colour shades. thanks to its micronized characteristic, CATHAYCOAT ™  Yellow YA22HR offers even higher levels of brilliance and optimal dispersibility in the users’ systems. The pigments are mainly utilized in coil and powder coatings as well as in a variety of plastics applications.

Range of natural iron oxides
ECS visitors had the opportunity to learn about products from Hoover Color. For the first time, CATHAY’s new division was exhibiting alongside its new parent company. The presentation included semi-transparent Raw and Burnt Umbers as well as transparent EnvironOxides® as products for a “green” approach.


Cathay invites you to visit our team at ECS 2017

Cathay Industries | European Coating Show 2017

CATHAY INDUSTRIES ‘ presentation at the European Coatings Show 2017, from 4th to 6th April in Nuremberg, contains several new highlights for the coatings industry. In addition to proven quality iron oxide pigments, the manufacturer shows latest developments of the CATHAYCOAT™ range: In hall 7 at stand 7-319, visitors have the opportunity to learn about properties and practical benefits of new red and yellow pigments. For the first time, CATHAY’s trade fair appearance includes the presence of its Hoover Color acquisition. The company’s new division introduces Umbers for wood coatings as well as EnvironOxides® as new products for a “green” approach.

To provide an even broader product portfolio, CATHAY has expanded its red iron oxide pigments spectrum. The manufacturer has successfully developed precipitated reds with the specific characteristics of copperas reds. RA11YD, RA12YD and RA13YD of the CATHAYCOAT™ range offer optimal dispersibility due to very narrow particle size distribution. Moreover, these pigments feature linearity of behaviour in mass and in tint tone.

The fair presentation also covers the new pigments CATHAYCOAT™ Yellow YA22HR and CATHAYCOAT™ Yellow YS23HR. They are designed for powder and coil coatings offering an increased heat stability to respond to the needs of those specific applications.

Hoover Color takes part with innovations

Since CATHAY INDUSTRIES recently completed the acquisition of Hoover Color Corporation, this new division will be focused on during the exhibition. As natural iron oxides Hoover Color showcases Umbers for wood coatings, e. g. for furniture finish systems. They enhance functional and decorative qualities. Natural colour properties result from semi-transparency so that the wood structure remains visible after application. Beyond this, especially Raw Umbers function as neutral toners in tinting systems. Burnt Umbers withstand temperatures of up to 315 °C, which allows usage in high-heat applications like coil coatings and plastics. Different material grades vary in colour shade, dispersibility and resulting viscosity.

Recovering iron oxide from abandoned coal mining drainage, Hoover Color helps cleaning water by its ecological process to convert waste streams into transparent pigments, which are used, amongst others, for paints and coatings. EnvironOxides® show properties comparable to synthetically produced transparent iron oxides: durability, light stability and chemical resistance. Products of the “M” class are extremely fine-milled and thus ensure highest level of transparency, dispersibility and tinting strength. For many industries, EnvironOxides® pigments offer an ideal way to develop their “green” technologies.

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