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Cathay Industries is a global manufacturer of iron oxide pigments, distributor of additives, raw materials and chemicals for a diverse range of industries. Our advanced manufacturing and laboratory facilities, expansive product range and vast distribution network have earnt us a reputation as a reliable and effective raw material supplier for any industry.

All Cathay products are of uniformly high quality, producing reliable colour consistency, durability and strength. We only manufacture with the finest materials and most advanced processes under ISO 9001 Quality Certification and ISO 22000 incorporating principals of HACCP.

Construction: Our ever popular Colourmix range and Ferrotint range of construction iron oxides. If you’re a builder, architect, engineer or premix concrete supplier who’s looking for vibrant colours and high quality synthetic pigment oxides, Cathay is the answer. Find colours for any building material here.

Industrial: Manufacture your products to a higher standard with Cathay’s range of high quality Iron Oxide pigments and our range of industrial raw materials for the coatings, ink, plastic, PVC, adhesive and rubber industries. Our complete range covers pigments, additives, resins, colour preparations, stabilisers, antioxidants, UV absorbers, driers, catalysts, plasticisers, and general chemical raw materials. You can always find what you need with Cathay Industries.

Food, Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetics : The FP&C division supplies a broad range of natural and synthetic colour and additives from leading global manufacturers. We have our own dedicated QA and C colour testing laboratories providing domestic colour matching and colour development, as well as application solutions to suit the industry requirements.

Chemical: The chemicals group supplies a broad range of industrial and specialised raw materials from our global partner base. Products used in the manufacture of detergents, rubber, roads, metal coatings, water treatment and mining are all available through our domestic operations.

Our products are supplied in a variety of forms including, powders, solids, flakes, liquids and pastes, while our diversity in operation and logistics allows us to supply packaging from 1kg through to 25kg bags, and cartons up to bulk bags of 500kg and 1200kg. Liquids can also be supplied in bulk.

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Cathay Industries’ unique position as a global leader with a worldwide delivery network, exceptional manufacturing facilities, in-house blending, packaging and laboratory solutions, and a management/sales team with exceptional industry experience, means we’re well equipped to support and add value to your business.

Just tell us what you need and we can provide a complete solution. Contact Cathay Industries to experience a better raw material chemical supplier.

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